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Welcome to BuyGO. It’s a grocery store with a purpose: Improve people’s lives and health. It’s built on the idea that well-being should not rise and fall with income.  

Co-founder Randy Bowman knows firsthand the impact that poor nutrition can have. Youthful and naturally thin with seemingly boundless energy, the former track star comes across as the type who might go a lifetime without ever getting sick. To look at him, you’d never guess that he grew up in a food desert, subsisting on highly processed foods full of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats until his diet almost cost Bowman his life. Before he even cracked 30, he was rushed to the hospital in acute distress. His gallbladder was failing; it essentially disintegrated inside his body. Doctors said that without immediate medical intervention, he would not have survived the night. 

The experience was nothing short of cathartic. Rather than merely applying what he’d learned about the impact poor nutrition can have on even a seemingly healthy person, Bowman, decided to help those who don’t have the opportunity to maintain a proper diet even if they want to: people who live in neighborhoods without a grocery store, otherwise known as food deserts. 

At BuyGo you’ll find everything you need, organic, non-GMO, clean foods, local produce, household essentials, be it detergent, lotion, sugar, cereal or beer. 

It’s the corner grocer of the future. Soon, one might open in your neighborhood. 

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